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Welcome to the first international fan forum for So Nyuh Shi Dae's Hyoyeon, Sooyoung and Yuri!We will try our best to give you updates on the girls in Korea. We need everyone's support so please help us out !
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 [RULES] General Rules! Read before posting!

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PostSubject: [RULES] General Rules! Read before posting!   Mon May 02, 2011 6:16 pm

01. No bashing, underestimating, mocking or any type of bad action against So Nyuh Shi Dae,Hyoyeon,Yuri and Sooyoung. This is a place only for Snsd Yuri,Hyoyeon and Sooyoung fan and lovers. You will be BANNED to eternity if you're extremely stupid to register and do only that.

02. In this forum So Nyuh Shi Dae , Hyoyeon,Yuri and Sooyoung are number 1. If you're here to talk about how other artists are better, then might as well leave.

03. Respect other members. No swearing, flaming, bashing, trolling, and sexually harassing of members. Any sort of racism is not allowed as well. Showing of hostile actions towards a member publicly is also included in this offense. If you want to be respected, respect also others and NEVER CROSS THE LINE.

04. Show proper etiquette. Foul language and vulgar words are not allowed.

05. NO PORN ALLOWED! Posting images or links that includes pornography is not allowed. Posting sexy types of images are also not allowed. Keep these kinds of things for yourself or show it somewhere else.

06. Discuss topics properly and do not SPAM. Never go off-topic. No spamming, if you think your post is senseless, keep it to yourself.You Shall be given 5 warnings.Once your at your 5th,your out.

07. Your post MUST have more than 10 words,unless you have a gif/media/picture that contributes to the topic.The minimun number of Gif/Media/Picture/Etc is 3.If not,it will be considered as spam.

08. [b]Create topics in the proper area.
Provide appropriate topic titles for the posted topic.Please Tag your topic

09. Never take or use in other sites the graphics of the members here without crediting them. You can always ask permission to them or just crediting them will be enough.

10. Always include your sources. We don't want any plagiarism happening here.

11. Stick to one account. One user, one account. The use of multiple accounts or allowing more than one person access to an account is expressly forbidden. If you want a different username, contact the administrator to get a username change. Those found committing this offense will be given extreme punishment.

12. Speak English. This is an English forum, so if ever you want to write in other language, provide a translation for it.

13. Never criticize members because of their English. Not all are good in English, the important thing is one tries his/her best.

More rules will be added.Please follow the rules and we'll be happy.
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[RULES] General Rules! Read before posting!
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